Digital Transformation for Aussies' favourite camping and caravanning trailblazer 

Posted by Acceleon on 20 Feb 2020


The BIG4 website has over 3.5 million unique visitors and takes over $40,000,000 in revenue each year. It is an integral source of booking revenue for our BIG4 Parks. From humble beginnings in 1979 to encompassing locations all across Australia, our client's story is truly inspiring. Today, with over 170 parks dotted all across our vast land, there is no shortage of opportunity to stay with BIG4, and they are the most recognised brand in the holiday park industry.



The year of change

BIG4 Holiday Parks embarked upon a comprehensive digital transformation program in mid-2018. The primary driver for this program was to make BIG4 the first-choice digital experience for "the Great Aussie Break", increasing bookings, conversion rates and the overall commerciality of BIG4's digital assets by building an incredible customer experience that brought the strength of the brand to life. In addition to this, other contributing factors were as follows:

  1. The incumbent platform had reached its technical limitations with regards to scale and performance.
  2. BIG4 wished to deliver new Agile product development methodologies, enabling speed to market for new features and functional updates on the website.



Project requirements

BIG4 undertook an RFP process to find suppliers with the requisite skills to drive each of the objectives of the program. The team choose Acceleon as the technology provider with Isobar selected as the design agency.

As part of its RFP response, Acceleon recommended Kentico as the best fit CMS for the following reasons:

  1. Kentico provided many of the digital marketing features around segmentation, personalisation, AB testing, and analytics out of the box.
  2. The BIG4 platform heavily utilises the Microsoft and .Net technology suite,
  3. The capabilities and value for money that Kentico provides relative to its competition.

All of these reasons, along with the technical design proposed by Acceleon, came together to create an incredibly compelling value proposition for BIG4.



Improvements across the business

There are many tangible improvements to the BIG4 business that have resulted from this Digital Transformation program with Kentico:

  • A significant uplift in the overall user experience, which is delivering a sizable increase in YOY revenue and booking outcomes for the business.
  • Better scale, which is allowing us to drive more users to the website without fear of failure.
  • Enhanced speed to market with new features and changes to the website.
  • It has improved business processes that have allowed the financial processing of transactions with customers and parks to be better integrated and automated.
  • The introduction of agile product methodologies to drive innovation and rapid development.
  • The marketing department with more flexibility and better tools to drive content creation, campaigns and promotions.