Posted by Julie Simeonov on 17 Dec 2017

We are excited and pleased to announce our new product: Client Connector – a solution to help any business with a client list reconnect with lost customers and establish new ways of communicating with existing customers.

Building on the success of Locate Batch, the debt collectors tool of choice, Client Connector introduces simplified identity based matching to give you the most up-to-date and comprehensive records to complete your client list.

Not only does our product give you “new” data in the form of telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses, but it also also confirms existing details in your client list.

The question then arises how does Client Connector differ to our traditional Batch products?

Here is the summary…

Client ConnectorLocate Batch
Intelligent merging into a single recordRaw output of multiple results
Automatic name classificationSelect Business or Residential module depending on entity type
Customer data quality management toolDebt collection tool

The fact is it costs more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, and we have streamlined the process of confirming and appending your current customer database, in an easy and cost-effective way helping your business retrieve lost revenue, increase sales and save time & cost.

You won’t need to waste time or money anymore sending out mail to redundant addresses and dialling telephone numbers that are no longer connected with the use of our product. You simply upload your client list into our easy to use interface and our smart system will interpret the data that is fed in, and return an updated client list.

As with all of our products, Acceleon is proud to adhere to all Australian Laws and Regulations in relation to data and continue to host our infrastructure and operations in secure Australian facilities.