Introducing our new Internet Marketing database

Posted by David Johnson on 15 Feb 2016

Acceleon has secured exclusive access to a new privacy compliant internet marketing database. This database currently contains around 8 million records, around half of which can be seen in existing Acceleon databases. The exciting features of this data set include:

  1. Email Addresses are now a viable communication mechanism for connecting with your debtors.
  2. More mobile phone numbers are available through this database.
  3. Many land lines that cannot be found in our public number directory can be found in this database.
  4. The database is updated with up to 200,000 new records each month.
  5. And it is fully privacy compliant.

With the introduction of email addresses to your debt collection practices, the approach that an agent adopts will need to be adjusted slightly. For example, confirming that the person that you are dealing with is the debtor becomes a little more complicated when using email.

The data itself is derived from opt in competitions and surveys and the like, meaning that the data being presented is the data that has been directly supplied by the owner of the data. There are likely to be cases where email addresses are shared. Acceleon makes every attempt to ensure that they are deliverable, but we cannot confirm the details for many records with other data sources.

For these reasons we reccommend a tread lightly approach when using this information and encourage agents operate within the ASIC Debt Collection Guidlines.

If you would like to find out more about this dataset - please contact us or your channel supplier.