Introducing Acceleon Locate V3

Posted by David Johnson on 1 Dec 2014

Locate V3 features the addition of ASIC business information. Acceleon is now able to produce ASIC extracts and perform ASIC searches from within its Locate product.

Extracts that are available include:

  1. Current Company Extract
  2. Current and Historical Company Extract
  3. Current Business Register Extract
  4. Current and Historical Business Register Extract
  5. Roles and Relationships Extract
  6. Person Extract
  7. Documents

Acceleon has implemented an approval mechanism which will allow all users with access to search the registers to determine which extracts they wish to purchase. Only users who have a purchase right will be permitted to complete the purchase. This mirrors what happens manually today in a more organised fashion, whereby only users who can purchase the extracts can search for the companies.