Introducing Locate Business Batch

Posted by David Johnson on 1 Aug 2013

Locate Business Batch is a data quality platform for commercial customer files.

Business name matching represent a very different problem to consumer names for the following reasons:

  1. Often Businesses have multiple and different trading and legal names.
  2. Names are often not words that belong to a dictionary.
  3. Many of them operate from a residential address. Particularly trades people and sole traders.
  4. Names will often be presented with inconsistent abbreviations such as proprietary limited vs pty ltd vs p/l

Using the business name reference file that Acceleon has compiled for a number of years now, Acceleon is able to standardise and match business names with an extremely high confidence for most business records presented. This information can then be cross referenced with all related business names for a business and searched against telephone directories.

The combination of Acceleons proprietary standardisatoin and matching technology with the business name and telephone directory reference data provides a range of valuable enhancements to your customer database, including:

  1. Advising whether the business name is still registered and whether it is registered for GST.
  2. Providing new or confirming addresses and telephone numbers where listings can be found.
  3. Linking businesses that operate from a home the residential telephone listing of the business owner.

These features combine to enable clients to open new channels of communication with their customers, manage their commercial risk, and allow them to efficiently trace customers who may have some bad debts.