Locate Version 2 has arrived

Posted by David Johnson on 1 Sep 2012

Acceleon Locate has been used in collections companies across Australia now for over 12 months. In that time we have recieved welcome feedback into some of the things that we need to do to further improve the customers experience.

While a variety of small improvements have been made, the significant changes include:

  • Simplified User Interface: Initially, we gave users the ability to determine which feilds that they would like to search upon. This resulted in providing a complicated user interface to perform searches. In the new version we have found that we can parse names and addresses such that each components meaning can be logically assigned. This has allowed Acceleon to limit the search fields to name, address and telehone number.
  • Introduction of the Smart Search Capability: The smart search capability has been developed based on the manual steps that many clients deploy when skip tracing. For searches where an exact match to search criteria cannot be found, Locate will automatically perform many of the skip tracing techniques that collectors manually use to find people. This is a massive improvement in terms of saving time when performing searches. When this service is employed, the user interface advises the user through a message on the interface.
  • Business Searches will now link through the ABR all current and historical trading names. This means that often a residential record can be found by searching for the relevant business name, saving collectors significant time when looking for businesses.