Introducing Acceleon Locate Batch

Posted by David Johnson on 1 Nov 2011

Developed to help Acceleon clients to maintain and update their customer database, Acceleon Locate Batch provides a comprehensive batch service for maintaining customer data and tracing lost customers.

Acceleon Locate Batch is a system for any business that wishes to improve and maintain their customer database, whilst also catering to the mercantile agent, investigative and finance industry’s needs.

Acceleon Locate Batch operates in two modes. The first is Append Mode, which will append telephone numbers, and correct address details. The second is Locate Mode which will provide trace through and leads functionality.

In both modes, the system will accept jobs through an easy to use web interface, and will provide results either in a text file format, or an Excel 2007+ file format. The Excel file format will provide a series of functions that will enable easy navigation and data aggregation capability.